Fintech Advisory Services

Technology is fast revolving and changing, due to that new jobs are created, old ones are disappearing. Fintech – short term of Financial Technology is changing the WEIRD WONDERFUL WORLD and are made possible by the internet.
Our experienced professionals are reskilling and up skilling themselves to meet the demands and expectations of the ever changing world. Our senior management are providing advise, assistance for setting up the Companies to look after the Compliance requirements. (Both regulatory and AML & CFT requirements) carrying out internal and external audit of the companies. Help companies to setup the systems, process and assist in the administration and management including training of the key staff professionals of the company.The Fintech industry, the company is focusing on with Block Chain technology in mind are as follows;

1. Assist companies to buy websites improves on its monetization methods and assist them in selling it.

2. Assist advise to set up companies to fill the gap in financing SMES businesses through internet to crowd service loans, called Peer to Peer ending. This concepts lets people easily to invest small amounts of money in loans to companies that list their details and financial on an online platform.

3. Assist, advise to set up companies to build up asset classes once not accessible to retail investors and smaller institutions are made possible through increased internet connectivity cloud computing and artificial intelligence. The company work with consultants and experts on these fields to make things possible.

4. Assist and advise companies to issue tokens instead of shares, a major trend in the digital asset space is tokenisation, and creating access to both conventional and unconventional assets. NFTS – Non Fungible tokens, which contains an unalterable record due to block chain technology makes owning of digital assets very secured and easy, possible and convenient. MAS – Monetary Authority of Singapore issued guidance on the offers of digital tokens in Singapore. Offer or issues of digital tokens are regulated by MAS and if they are capital market products, the service has to be licensed.